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wosofe Golf Iron Covers Black Leather Head Covers Headcover 11pcs Set (4 5 6 7 8 9 Pw Aw Sw Lw X Colorful Number Embroideried PU Leather Waterproof Fit All Brands

wosofe Golf Iron Covers Black Leather Head Covers Headcover 11pcs Set (4 5 6 7 8 9 Pw Aw Sw Lw X Colorful Number Embroideried PU Leather Waterproof Fit All Brands

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    • the leather is moderately hard and thick, which can effectively protect the clubhead, You can try boldly, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, YOU CAN RETURN. WE WILL RETURN YOUR MONEY YOU HAVE NO LOSS ANYTHING
    • FEATURES☘️ the new design is longer than the ordinary protective cover, which can protect your club more carefully and considerately. The colorful digital embroidery is different from ordinary embroidery. It adopts the hemmed embroidery, which is more perfect. The embroidery will not appear off-line phenomenon, and the use of time will be longer.
    • NUMBER IDENTIFICATION☘️ 11 pieces / set (4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / Pw / AW / SW / LW / x)
    • MATERIAL☘️ durable and fashionable synthetic polyurethane leather material, soft and durable. Thicken the lining. Prevent scratches and scratches
    • CLOSED☘️ the magnet is closed and has strong suction. Never fall off the iron head
    • DESIGN ☘️colorful embellishments and embroidered hems make it easy to identify the club and match your golf bag perfectly.
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    new golf grips - Please look forward to the shelves


    The streamlined conical contour design of the grips can reduce the tension on both hands,and can create more power in the whole swing.


    This set of golf club grip is made of high-quality soft rubber and the top cover is thickened as a whole. It is suitable for golf irons and golf grips standard size.The length is 10.2inch ± 2 , the weight is 49g± 2, and the caliber is 0.6', core.


    The concave-convex texture design on the golf grips dries provides traction and control for the golf club grip;The treatment of texture depth can improve the golf grips friction to a certain extent,for a comfortable grips and strike.


    There are 13 golf grips in total, which are mixed and matched in popular colors and have four styles;The inner wall of the rear end of the golf grips is a hard rubber sleeve, which can prevent the grips from being too soft and sliding off the rod body;Match them,will give you more charm on the golf course.

    We come to China, we have a factory with hundreds of people, first-class production technology, good quality and cheap price, and we have better service at the same time, we look forward to your consultation


    • Develop

      We have an independent development department, we can complete from the picture to the finished product in a very short time through your prompts and requirements, and achieve your ideal effect

    • Quality

      After 20 years of baptism in the industry, we have integrated all resources to achieve a complete range of materials, and through the control of the company's Qc department, we have achieved a yield of 98% for all products produced

    • Serve

      The company has a full range of language services, with more than 12 hours of working time in rotation every day, to achieve instant reply to information, and to solve all the development, business, and production issues for you.

    • production technology

      The company has 20 years of production technology, technical personnel, has been engaged in the golf product industry, has a wealth of adaptability

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